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OneRoomChallenge: The Thick Of It - Week 4

We made it! Its the half way point. It certainly feels like there is a TON left to do.. because there is. We have made a lot of progress in the last week however. If you're new here, we are currently participating as guest in this spring's One Room Challenge - its an 8 week challenge to complete a space and cheer on new and old design friends who are participating as well! We are building a backyard bunkhouse and play structure for our 2 girls.

This past week, we got the interior and exterior walls of the sand box done, which is beneath the bunkhouse and now complete with some beautiful siding. We cut the beam pocket in the side of the bunkhouse to hold the beam for the swings. We installed a saucer swing that we purchased from Walmart and will soon be installing another single swing. The great thing about the saucer swing is that our 18 month old can easily get on and off unassisted (hallelujah whispered moms everywhere).

We also completed the foam to insulate the floor of the bunkhouse from below, the soffit and the additional platforms on the opposite side of the structure as well as covered the roof of the bunk house. The best part however... was adding the sand to the 12"x12" sandbox below the bunkhouse platform and FINALLY letting the girls go play in it! Another highlight to the week was finding A HUGE spiral slide and a few other items for free on the side of the road! Yes, you read that right.. but can you believe that the person who was getting rid of the items just so happened to be the father/father in law of a couple we are currently working with to renovate their church to home conversion?! Talk about small world!

So thank you for following along and be sure to stay tuned for the reveal on June 24th! We have a lot left to do, but its really coming along now! follow us on Instagram for all the One Room Challenge updates and DIY projects (there will be many). See you next week when we will be sharing the exterior progress and just how we plan to make our free, side of the road spiral slide work! Have you missed the previous weeks? Check them out here!

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