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OneRoomChallenge: The Concept - Week One

As I'm sure many of you reading this will know; being in business for yourself is challenging all on it's own. During these trying times we needed some positivity... queue the One Room Challenge! I've watched many featured designers participate in this challenge over the years and I've always been in awe. It's incredible watching them design a space for themselves and fully executing it in 6 short weeks! Now while it's wonderful that we have 8 week's this time (positive pandemic moment?) this is still going to be quite the undertaking. Let me tell you how this whole idea started in the first place...

On our eldest daughter's 4th birthday, we had a "fiver" party. If you are scratching your head wondering what I'm talking about, let's break it down. A fiver party is where the guests bring four 5 dollar bills in lieu of gifts. They are then collected in 4 groups; Spend: on something you've been eyeing, Save: for something worth a little more, Donate: to a good cause, Invest: in your future. Well, she decided to save it ALL, which was quite impressive for her age so we went with it. She set her sights on a "castle" in the backyard for her and her sister and stuck to it!

Fast forward to this past winter, it was time to dip into her castle savings and buy some lumber. She grabbed her jar and set off with Guy to go make her biggest purchase of her life so far. The smile on her face was the biggest I've seen, she was beaming with pride.

We since had been humming and hawing over the whole castle idea and it was coming up less than inspiring. Something about it just didn't feel right - so we kept searching. A few short weeks ago, we found it. The idea of a raised, mini cabin bunkhouse was born and it all started falling into place. We could picture a little bunkbed for both of our girls to enjoy as they grew up and wanted to have friends stay over, but it was also going to feature an awesome play structure attached. With how busy our lives seem to be getting (even more than before) its's tough to find moments between everything to spend some uninterrupted quality time with our girls - but we're designing this outdoor space to help with that.

With its natural palette, wood elements, layered textures and thoughtful touches; this mini cabin and play structure will give our family a multitude of areas for the imagination to wander and to enjoy that quality time we're longing for. We can't wait to take you along as we build it!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the One Room Challenge updates and DIY projects (there will be many). For now, we leave you with the concept mood board for the interior of the mini cabin, and can't wait to show you what else we have in store. See you next week when we will be sharing the plans, more about our generous sponsors and where they fit in to our project!

Our Sponsors:

Urban Garden Prints - (@urbangardenprints)

Preppie Peonie - (@preppiepeonie)

Floor Coverings International - (@floorcoveringsinternational)

Chamclad - (@chamclad)

The Decorators Choice - (@thedecoratorschoice)

No Bull Garage - (@nobullgarage)

Hilary Elizabeth Photography - (@hilaryelizabethphotography)

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