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OneRoomChallenge: The Build - Week Two

Here we are! Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! So much has happened in 1 week, it's amazing. If you followed along on Instagram last week, then you might already know this.. but;

We cleared the area where we will building what we are calling a mini backyard bunkhouse. This meant cutting down a couple of trees. We usually don't like doing this, but one of them was in pretty bad shape health-wise and truthfully; we have so many trees you can barely see our house from the road. So after the 2 trees were cut down, we got to laying out our plan. Under normal circumstances we would have done this as a true plan and even a rendering, but for this we figured lets hand draw it go for it! Here is the plan we drew up.

Once the plan was laid out we got the lumber delivered.. which had to be craned into the yard over the garage.. causing us a small heart attack as we watched. We had the helical piles installed to ensure the structure was stable and could withstand the weight and movement of the bunkhouse as well as the swings and other structures attached. This was an incredibly quick process and we would highly recommend you consider this route for this type of structure.

Next we got to building! the main vertical posts went up, then the platform frame, then decking and before we knew it, we even had walls!!

Now that week 2 is beginning, we are working on the front of the bunkhouse as well as the roof system. The bunkhouse will feature a little roof detail along with the door that we will be cutting down and a functional window. Stay tuned on our Instagram story for that.

The space below the bunkhouse will be a massive sandbox, complete with a mud kitchen and transom window. The interior will feature a set of bunks, some shiplap and a little sitting area with an electric fireplace. I think we might have trouble getting the girls to come in the house at the end of the day because they will soon be able to practically live here!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the One Room Challenge updates and DIY projects (there will be many). For now, we leave you with the structure we've built so far. See you next week when we will be showing the roof and front of the bunkhouse as it starts coming together as well as more about our generous sponsors and where they fit in to our project!

If you missed week one - Find it here

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Foster Amanda
Foster Amanda
25 พ.ค. 2564

Great progress! Keep it up <3


Loving the progress!

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