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Keeping it Local: A Collaboration Project (Part 5)

Last we left off, I was telling you all about Urban Stone Surfaces and the amazing products and service they offer. Now we are on part 5 of 6 in our collaboration project and we are going to shine the spotlight on Pearl.

Earlier this past summer when I was really hunkering down on our social media and working a ton on our rebrand (coming Jan 2021 eek!!) I was looking for brands local to us that were different. So many suppliers have exclusivity deals with manufacturers, which makes certain products exclusive to that store etc. In the world of tile for example, this can mean that part of one manufacturers collection is split between 5+ vendors in a given city and often times more vendors in larger cities than Ottawa. That being said, I knew we needed some great partners in a plethora of areas that were not only local, but different. It wasn't long after that I discovered Pearl faucets and sinks, as well as their incredibly lovely and generous local rep Lisa.

Pearl is all about Passion and Partnership. Their passion for new and innovative products drives their fantastic offering and supports an even stronger experience for their customers. Pearl is a to the trade showroom in 5 select cities here in Canada. This means that as a home owner, you need to be working with a designer or decorator who is a Pearl Partner in order to have access to their products at exclusive pricing (DM us if you are in need of these stunning fixtures and would like exclusive access and pricing)

Pearls designs are forward-thinking and bold, while simultaneously being classic and timeless. They aim to inspire how you envision your spaces using their sinks, faucets, toilets, shower fixtures, and more! All that said, Lisa is the piece of the Pearl puzzle that sold me. Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable, kind and generous person who really understands the design world. She and I met for coffee at The Black Walnut Bakery this August and she told me all about the amazing community of designers here in Ottawa and surrounding. Lisa isn't like other reps I have met and worked with, she really gets it. She is constantly available to us to assist with anything we need, asking our opinions on upcoming products and innovation, but she is also a genuine, down to earth human.. you don't find that much anymore.

When I started to tell Lisa about this collaboration project and how I wanted to open peoples eyes to who and what they could find in their own communities to make their projects unique and unforgettable, she was immediately ready to help in any way she could. Lisa was paramount in this project. If it wasn't for her and our coffee that day, our flat lays wouldn't have had the gorgeous faucets and accessories you've seen over the last few weeks. (That rose gold faucet and emerald glass tile pairing, amiright?!). So a huge thank you to Lisa and Pearl for helping us make this project even more striking. We couldn't have done it without you.

Pearl offers a wide range of kitchen and bath faucets, bathroom accessories, toilets, sinks and more! If you're reading this and wondering how you can get your hands on the gorgeous products Pearl offers at exclusive pricing, don't be shy to reach out!

If you haven't checked out the other parts of our collaboration series, you can them here;

Thanks so much for following along! make sure to stay tuned for part 6 and go check out our instagram for more fun posts and photos like you saw here


Products in photo:

Tile and Countertops - Urban Stone Surfaces in Stittsville

Matt Black Accessories - Pearl Ottawa

Cabinet and Hardware - Les Armoires Seguin in Alfred

Paint and Fabric - The Decorators choice

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