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Keeping it Local: A Collaboration Project (Part 2)

Last we left off, I was gushing over Hilary and her talent and growth in her photography career. Now we are on to par 2 of 6 in our collaboration project and we will be shifting the spotlight to Les Armoires Seguin.

As many of our followers and clients know, while we serve the Ottawa area, we arent based in Ottawa. We are based in a little town about 30 minutes east of Orleans, called Bourget. The great thing about this area is that there are so many small businesses to support but also a ton of trade specific small businesses. From specialized mechanics, farmers and glass shops to account firms and kitchen cabinet companies, we really didn't have to search far when we needed to align ourselves with the right partners.

When Guy discovered Les Armoires Seguin and learned that they were not only a small high end outfit in Alfred, but family owned as well! We knew that it was important that we form a strong partnership that would last for years to come. Les Armoires Seguin have a similar story to our own. From a humble beginning to a thriving business, they have been creating beautiful kitchens and bathroom cabinetry since 2002. From one employee at the beginning, they now employ more than a dozen employees and continue building partnerships with talented sub-contractors. Their business not only made its mark on the quality side of things for the last decade, but also with its service by putting the customer’s satisfaction first. They are also making big moves in accessible kitchens!

As I harped in our first part of this series, these partners and relationships are invaluable. When we need something, they're there for us. When they need a hand, were a call away. This is how it should be. We need to be so very conscious of the businesses we support, now more than ever as the economy struggles and small business ownership is proving more difficult than ever. We need to slow down our plans as home owners and DIYers and really take the time to explore our own communities. It would probably shock you to find how many small local businesses you could support during your renovations and builds; how many amazing luxury products there are at your fingertips if you only took the time to discover them. We hope that over this series, we prompt our followers to not only think outside of whats readily available only and in big box stores, but also to discover old ways of doing business. These "old ways" of working closely with local owners, trades and artisans need to be considered as new again. We need to support them as they support our communities and other small businesses alike.

We encourage you to take a drive to Alfred. Enjoy some of the great shops and sights. Stop in at Les Armoires Seguin to say high and see what quality products they have available.

If you haven't checked out part one of our collaboration series, you can find it here

Thanks so much for following along! make sure to stay tuned for parts 3-6 and go check out our instagram for more fun posts and photos like you saw here


Products in photo:

Tile and Countertops - Urban Stone Surfaces in Stittsville

Taylor Faucet - Pearl Ottawa

Cabinet + Hardware - Les Armoires Seguin in Alfred

Wall Paper and Paint - The Decorators choice

Wood Bead Garland- Article Living


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