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Keeping it Local: A Collaboration Project (Part 3)

Last we left off, I was telling you all about Les Armoires Seguin in Alfred and the amazing leaps they are making in the kitchen and bath industry. Now we are on part 3 of 6 in our collaboration project and we are going to shine the spotlight on The Decorators Choice Paint Store.

The Decorators Choice Paint Store Ltd is a locally owned and operated home décor retailer that has served the Ottawa area since 1993. They offer a diverse and deep selection of the finest products available today, as well as the knowledge and expertise to bring your style to life.

The Decorators Choice is dedicated and equipped to handle your project. Whether you're a professional painter who stands by their work, a “do-it-yourselfer” who wants professional results, an experienced interior designer sourcing materials, or a first-time homeowner looking to express their style, they have the right choice for you at The Decorators Choice.

We have always ordered all of our paint, supplies and more with The Decorators Choice and will continue to support them through these times. The measures they have put in place during COVID to help ensure that small businesses like us can still operate and complete projects without delay has been amazing. We are so so grateful for Rob, Andre and the entire team who are always there and ready to help with anything we need.

This local collaboration project was no different and Rob was right there to help and get us anything we needed to make it a success. This flat lay in particular features the perfect shade of blush pink to pick up on other accents and to enhance the rose gold Amelia faucet (by Pearl Sinks which we will be featuring in part 4)

They are also currently in the running for a collaboration with Astro for a GOHBA award (feel free to vote until October 18th)

Remember, as the weather gets cooler and it seems easier to just order everything online, these businesses need us now more than ever. Get quality products from local suppliers whenever you can. If you're not sure how big box store products compare, educate yourself and ask questions! The team at The Decorators Choice are there to help you and they want your project (no matter how big or small) to be not only successful, but to stand the test of time because you used the right products for the job!

One of the biggest lessons we have learned in this industry, is that there are Pros in every space for a reason. It would take decades to know everything there is to know about each and every possible material, fixture and finish available. This is exactly why we trust The Decorators Choice and so should you. They are dominating their space and its truly because they care. Make sure you go check them out when you start planning your next project.

If you haven't checked out part one or two of our collaboration series, you can them here;

Thanks so much for following along! make sure to stay tuned for parts 4-6 and go check out our instagram for more fun posts and photos like you saw here


Products in photo:

Tile and Countertops - Urban Stone Surfaces in Stittsville

Amelia Faucet - Pearl Ottawa

Cabinet - Les Armoires Seguin in Alfred

Wall Paper and Fabric - The Decorators choice

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