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Keeping it Local: A Collaboration Project (Part 4)

Last we left off, I was telling you all about The Decorators Choice and the amazing products they offer. Now we are on part 4 of 6 in our collaboration project and we are going to shine the spotlight on Urban Stone Surfaces.

Urban Stone Surfaces is dedicated to servicing Ottawa home owners, designers, architects, developers and contractors with the finest selection and detailing of tiles, natural stone, quartz countertop and granite/marble countertops.

Karen Coburn was a client of mine once upon a time and I adored working with her. Its funny how things change over time and now she's the one helping me with tiles and countertops. Karen also has a wonderful colleague and fellow designer named Sarah working with her at Urban Stone. The two of them helped tremendously to get this project off the ground. I couldn't have done it without them. Sarah couldn't wait to show me the emerald green tile we ended up using in part 3, with the rose gold faucet from Pearl, it was so perfect!

If you want to feel like your project isnt just another number and that you can trust and count on the staff to give you real, educated design advice, you want Urban Stone.

We have chosen to purchase all of our countertops for our client projects exclusively with Urban Stone because their service is tremendous, their lead times are incredibly quick, their installs are thorough and they are all around wonderful people. If you are looking to update your tile in your shower or your kitchen counters, I highly suggest you take a trip to visit them.

If you haven't checked out the other parts of our collaboration series, you can them here;

Thanks so much for following along! make sure to stay tuned for parts 4-6 and go check out our instagram for more fun posts and photos like you saw here


Products in photo:

Tile and Countertops - Urban Stone Surfaces in Stittsville

Talia Faucet - Pearl Ottawa

Cabinet and Hardware - Les Armoires Seguin in Alfred

Paint and Fabric - The Decorators choice

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