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How to cozy up this fall

I know, I know, but like it or not guys… fall has arrived! 

The Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out; the air is a little more brisk; and people are starting to prepare for the change of seasons. 

Prepping for the cooler weather and eventual snow (eek) doesn’t mean just gathering leaves and putting patio furniture away, but also getting your INTERIOR ready! 

Make the most of this season by creating a warm and cozy atmosphere through your home! 

We may not be doing any grand entertaining for Thanksgiving this year but that doesn’t mean you and your family don’t deserve a warm welcome home...

Here are some easy ways to make that happen!

Literally add some warmth 

If you have a fireplace of any sort, now is the time to get it cleaned up. Empty out old ash, shine that glass up and get the pipes cleaned out so everything is geared up for fire season! Heck, you could even get crazy and decorate your mantle a bit. 

Add more pillows and blankets

Cozy season calls for lots of cuddles! Whether you’re watching movies with the fam or enjoying a hot toddy with a friend, curling up with a blanket in your lap should be mandatory!

Bring in warm tones and plenty of texture- think plaid, animal “fur” or a nice knitted blanket. And please treat yourself to a nice one! You may think it’s ridiculous to spend $60 on a throw blanket but just think about all the time you’ll be spending with it. 

Change up your blooms 

I’m talking indoor plants- real or faux- consider swapping the fakies out entirely for something more seasonal and dressing up your real plants to suit a fall look! 

We often get so used to what’s in our home that it’s hard for us to imagine how we can change it. You can swap tall green grass in a vase for some natural branches; switch out bright yellow stems for mustard yellow; or replace a bright summer plant with one a little more subdued (only if fake, of course)!

Switch up your scents 

Candles do double duty this season because the little glow adds warm atmosphere to your space but they also smell just so dang good! 

It’s time to bring those diffusers back out so grab some seasonal essential oils. 

Soap pumps are also great places to add a hint of autumn to your air.

It’s arguable but I’d say fall is the season with the most scrumptious scents... whether it’s apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice, I really can’t get enough! 

Lastly, replace general home decor that’s just plain summer. 

Maybe you have a fireplace mantle done up all coastal style with whites and light blues? Swap out those decorative balls with pinecones; replace the beach scene with an old wooden window frame; hang a leafy wreath up; and toss some gourds or mini pumpkins around to complete the look! 

Et voila! Bring on the crispy fall season. 🍁

Guest Post:

Jessie King Owner | Property Stylist IG @jessiekingstyle

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