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3 ways to make a temporary space comfortable without breaking the bank

When it comes to making a temporary space comfortable without breaking the bank, there’s a few things you ought to remember. There are many affordable solutions to consider whether you’re renting a home, planning a nursery to grow with your child or simply staying somewhere short term, we’ve got you covered!

Personalize your rental to make it feel like home:

It’s not uncommon for a tenant to ask themselves how they can make their rental feel like home. This is likely the first thing you’ll consider aside from the size of your unit. Decor can be a simple way to make you feel comfortable in your own space and it doesn’t have to have a heavy price tag! Consider a removable peel and stick wallpaper accent wall to spruce up a room. You can add a few throw pillows in the bedroom and on your living room sofa. Placing frames with personal photos and artwork is a simple way to personalize your home. The structure may be your landlords house, but the space you create within it becomes YOUR home.

Expecting parents, plan for a nursery that will grow with your children, the baby stage is temporary:

As a mom, designing my child’s nursery was something I had always looked forward to. What I didn’t account for was how soon it would change to be function for a toddler and school aged child (because let’s face it, that newborn and baby stage flies by *sobs*). A great way to save money in your child’s room is to choose furniture that will grow with them. Skip that overpriced nursery dresser that matches the crib you selected. Opting for a full sized dresser will allow more space as your child goes up in size and their wardrobe grows. This way you don’t have to purchase a new one in a few years when you decide those tiny drawers aren’t deep enough to store their clothes. Choosing a convertible crib means you don’t have to purchase a second bed frame when your child is ready for their big girl/boy bed. You can skip the toddler bed completely and put up a guardrail as they make the transition! Another great tip is to consider choosing a theme that might be neutral to a child’s age.

Patterns and neutral designs will last longer than a character themed nursery. This way when your child is old enough to express their interest and what they like, you’ll skip the dreaded part where they change their mind about their favorite super hero or princess (mine change on a weekly basis, it’s truly impossible to keep up.. you’ll thank me later).

Staying in a space short term, what to you should remember:

Perhaps you’re moving somewhere short term as you remodel your home. Or maybe you’re temporarily relocating for a job opportunity or education. You’ll still want a space comfortable to come home to at the end of each day. Here’s how to do it! Be organized and plan ahead. Consider how long you’ll be there and what you’ll want to bring. Don’t skimp out on all the personal items that make your house feeling like home. Bring your favorite bedding and layer your fabrics for a cozy feel. Rather than purchase new decor, bring some of your favorite items that get you excited around the house. If you find yourself needing items you don’t already have, check our your local discount store or thrift shop to save some cash. Remember the space is temporary, but you still deserve to be comfortable!

We’re here to help:

A temporary space doesn’t have to mean temporary discomfort. It doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money for something that doesn’t last. As we mentioned earlier, we’ve got you covered! At Ekko Design Build we offer professional virtual services to help you with all of your design needs. Visit the link provided below to book your discovery call today. We can’t wait to get you comfortable in your space with a budget that works for you!

Click here to book your free discovery call.

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