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OneRoomChallenge: Safety First - Week 5

Already week 5! We did quite a bit of building this week and it was all centered around safety. It was time we built the main staircase and added some of the finishing touches that would allow us to add the posts for the railing. If you're new here, we are currently participating as guest in this spring's One Room Challenge - its an 8 week challenge to complete a space and cheer on new and old design friends who are participating as well! We are building a backyard bunkhouse and play structure for our 2 girls.

We build the stair based on a one step at a time layout. This allowed us to have a steeper staircase that wouldn't come out into the yard and also, its too cool!

We also decided on a name for the girls cabin. We designed a custom metal sign that will hang on the outside. It was so sweet seeing our eldest react to so happy when she saw it after we picked it up from the fabricator this week.

We cut all the posts with a little beveled detail on the top to add interest and got them all installed on top of the black aluminum capping and ready to receive the railing. Stay tuned for next week as we will be sharing a great DIY! Head to our stories to see it.

We have a lot left to do, but its really coming along now! follow us on Instagram for all the One Room Challenge updates and DIY projects (there will be many). See you next week when we will be sharing the exterior progress and just how we plan to make our free, side of the road spiral slide work! Have you missed the previous weeks? Check them out here!

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